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Starting July 2023, we will offer same-day seating on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays before 6:00 p.m.
If you are unable to reserve your preferred date and time on the web, please come to the restaurant for same-day seating.
Please note that if there are already customers waiting for you, you will have to wait in line.

We are experiencing high volumes of reservations, so even some guests who made reservations may be asked to wait. It may take some time from your order to service. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
Our pancakes are especially popular. Each pancake is handmade from scratch one at a time, so it may take some time to prepare, even for guests who made reservations. We appreciate your understandings.
Our measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Instagram is also releasing new information


“Urban Oasis” in the city of culture, history and green. The cafe surrounded by green.
An appearance fronted with glass gives you an open feeling, and the inside of the cafe, you can feel natural warmth in the style of wood and green. 512 CAFE and GRILL has various expressions in the morning, in the daytime and at night.
512 CAFE & GRILL brings you a range of carefully selected high quality ingredients with the theme of “healthy eating” and “beautiful drink” that you won’t get anywhere else.
We serve each dish for each customer individually, ensuring a one of a kind, delicious experience for each visit.
We hope you have a luxurious time in our location unlike the typical Japanese atmosphere and our delicious meals.
We make sure that it will become a special moment for every guest.


512Cafe&Grill PANCAKE



512’s world famous pancakes.
We develop an original menu every season to match the ingredients of the times.
sing only the best ingredients of the season, our one of a kind, fluffy pancakes simply melt in your mouth!
Favorites like the brûlée pancake, green tea pancake, and tapioca mocha houji-cha pancakes are available year-round.
※ Please ask our staff about available pancake options.

512Cafe&Grill MI CAFETO



With the concept of "the supreme cup of coffee connecting producers and coffee lovers all over the world”, MI CAFETO produces beans while protecting producers, farmers, and the environment, but without compromising the whole process of making coffee.
At 512 CAFE and GRILL, we offer coffee using the uncompromising and unique coffee beans of MI CAFETO.
We hope you enjoy this coffee made with “hand drip” technique depending on how to brew for each bean.



Our menus feature unique dishes conceptualized in collaboration with food creators from a wide variety of genres.
Original flavors varying from the taste of a famous restaurant to a healthy menu you will only find at 512!
We strive to become a hub of various kinds of food . 

512Cafe&Grill PARTY



Party reservations are available for 20 guests and over, and 30 guests and over for terrace reservations.
With an expansive garden that spreads out to views of the Midtown nightscape, 512 CAFE & GRILL is perfect for year-end parties, welcome parties and wedding parties. Projector, mics and a wide array of other equipment is available free of charge!


Operation Hours
10:00 - 11:00:pancake
11:00 - 15:00:lunch・pancak
15:00 - 17:00:sweets・pancake
17:00 - Last:dinner・pancake
21:30:Food Last order
22:00:Drink Last order
※Saturday 21:00 Food Last order/21:30 Drink Last order/22:00 Closed
※Sundays, and Holidays 20:00 Food Last order/20:30 Drink Last order/21:00 Closed
※Changes in business hours in response to a request for a state of emergency issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will be updated in NEWS from time to time.

※Sundays, and Holidays 20:00 Food Last order/20:30 Drink Last order/21:00 Closed
※Changes in business hours in response to a request for a state of emergency issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will be updated in NEWS from time to time.
※ Pancakes, drinks are available all day long!
※ Operating hours may change depending on reservation times for the whole cafe or events.
※ On weekends, for customers who order drinks only, the table will be available for 70 minutes. (20 minutes before L.O.)
※ On weekends, for customers who order food and drinks only, the table will be available for 90 minutes. (30 minutes before L.O.)
※ [Reservation] If you do not come to the cafe without contacting us, we will cancel it 10 minutes after the reservation time.

Irregular holidays.

  • Strollers welcome.
  • Pets welcome at terrace seating.
  • Smoking seats available.
  • Photo shoot reservations welcome.
  • Private event. Welcome and Farewell party.


9-5-12 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo,Japan
※ Telephone call response times may vary depending on customer congestion.

Please make a reservation online.